Protect your endpoints with Polymorphic Moving Target Defense.

Polymorphic Moving Target Defense

Polymorphic moving target defense (MTD) is a cybersecurity technology that uses system polymorphism to make application and operating system targets unpredictable to adversaries. This reduces the attack surface and lowers security operating costs

Why You Should Care About Moving Target Defense

Next generation, automated cybersecurity for stopping ransomware, supply chain attacks, zero-days, fileless and other undetectable attacks in-memory at runtime. Ideal for augmenting NGAV, EDR and XDR with no additional staff needed and no performance impact on endpoints or servers.

Moving Target Defense: Innovative and Disruptive Technology

Moving Target Defense uses techniques similar to those of attackers, such as polymorphism, deception, and evasion. It obfuscates targets by randomizing application memory runtime so a threat actor can’t accurately identify their target. 

What are the Benefits of Moving Target Defense?

The mainstream paradigm of cybersecurity has long focused on detection and response. This approach is inherently reactive, and cedes the innovation advantage to threat actors. 

MTD changes the calculus of protecting critical systems. It is a proactive, prevention-first system. It interrupts the progression of cyberattacks and stops threat actors’ ability to gain persistence in target organizations.

  • Proactive rather than reactive defense doesn't wait for attackers to breach before working.
  • Polymorphic defense hides exploits from polymorphic attacks.
  • Stops attackers' ability to gain persistence.
  • Virtual patching protects vulnerabilities until a patch is issued.
  • Slashes costs, false positive alerts, and required IT resources.

Morphisec - Polymorphic Automated Moving Target Defense

Unlike other endpoint protection solutions which must first detect an attack in order to stop it, Morphisec prevents advanced attacks from executing by dismantling their delivery mechanisms and kill chain. Morphisec uses patented Moving Target Defense technology to morph the memory space layout so adversaries cannot find an entry point, or the resources required, to execute an attack. This real-time, one-way randomization prevents highly sophisticated attacks, including the most advanced exploits, zero-day, and fileless malware attack.

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