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Healthcare Mobile App


Due to the long sitting routine of truck drivers, monitoring their health status is vital.
Therefore, a specialized network of clinics wanted to build a healthcare mobile app for truck drivers. Connecting truckers with health coaches, the solution allows them to set individual fitness goals and monitor their achievements.

The core mission of the application is to identify drivers’ health issues while advertising specialized clinics. Thanks to CRM integration, healthcare consultants can also see each user’s data via unified dashboards.

What we did

To implement this solution, we’ve come up with intuitive iOS and Android mobile apps for truck drivers. Healthcare mobile apps include the following features: 

  • Journal - a tab displaying a list of fitness goals. A user can choose several activities, customize their frequency, and get reminders at certain moments. One can then report by attaching activity photos to the goal;
  • eCard - a user’s profile gathering their most important data such as age, name, location, and contact details;
  • A map view and a list view of clinics. A user can find the nearest clinics on the map, view the health coaches available there, and get their contact details;
  • CRM integration - thanks to this feature, health coaches can find the patient’s data via their web boards.
  • User-friendly UI and UX design, that provides seamless user experience to truck drivers.
    Moreover, with the Covid-19 outbreak, the disease assessment was added.

  • Symptoms tab - a driver can check all the Covid-19 symptoms and verify their disease status via a questionnaire;
  • Preventions tab - via this tab, a driver can view the recommended measures to prevent the disease;
  • FAQ - a user can find the answers to the commonly-asked questions about Covid-19. 

Truck drivers can also access the Covid-19 evaluation tool via a web portal. Passing a questionnaire, they get instant recommendations on their health status and further treatment steps when necessary.


The Results

Our team managed to deliver a user-friendly mobile app for drivers and a customized web platform for clinics. A united healthcare mobile app allows users to monitor their health status, pass a Covid-19 assessment, and track personalized fitness goals.
To ensure the HIPPA-compliance of the healthcare application, we hosted it on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Technologies used

  • React Native
  • Asp.Net
  • .NET Core
  • My SQL
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Azure Functions
  • Azure APIM
  • Cosmos DB

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